Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 Holiday Survival Tips

Whether you're ready or not, the holiday season is upon us once again. First Thanksgiving and then Christmas!  It all seems to happen so quickly that it often causes us to stress out over the smallest of things.

 I'm here to tell you that the holidays don't have to be stressful.  You really can sit back, relax and enjoy all the reasons for the season!


Here are my Top 10 Holiday Survival Tips:
  1. Shop Early!  Shopping early will save you both time and money, both of which are very valuable.  Plus, you avoid those long lines.
  2. Make a List!  Make a list of everything that needs to be done and mark it off as you complete each task.  This will make things run smoothly and you won't forget anything!
  3. Have Extras!  You never know when you might need a last minute gift.  Keep a few extra gift items on hand to avoid such situations and unexpected trips to the mall.
  4. Order Christmas Cards Early!  Don't stress yourself out by waiting too long.  By ordering your cards early, you will have plenty of time to fill them all out and get them in the mail.  Tiny Prints Christmas cards are affordable and sytlish.
  5. Shop online!  Free shipping, cash back and rebate offers are often geared towards online shopping.  Often times you can't get those same deals in stores, so take full advantage of those online bargains.  Avoid traffic, crowds and having to pay for gas.
  6. Black Friday!  Get the paper and plan out your day ahead of time.  Get to those stores that have the best deals as early as you can.  It's totally worth missing a few extra hours of sleep to get those bargains!
  7. Save Your Receipts!  You never know if one of those gifts won't work or won't fit.  Avoid the hassle of returns by saving your receipts for atleast two months. 
  8. Ask for Help!  No matter how good you are at getting things done, there comes a time when you need a little help.  Don't be afraid to ask and don't be embarassed to accept!
  9. Shop Clearance!  You don't have to spend a ton of money to give great gifts!  Besides, it's the thought that really counts!
  10. Have Fun!  Don't forget to have fun and enjoy the spirit of the season!  Often times we are too busy getting things done to actually enjoy the joyous activities happening all around us.

As often as I possibly can, I sit back and enjoy the holiday season through the eyes of my children.  Watching their eyes light up when they see Santa is one of the best feelings ever.  Just seeing and feeling their excitement is all the "gift" I'll ever need!


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