Thursday, November 25, 2010

Frugal, FREE Shopping!


Earning and winning online is my most frugal way of living!  I blog and enter giveaways and contests on a daily basis.  I'm in it to win it and most of the time it really pays off. 

It's like Christmas almost everyday at my house, between the mailman, UPS and FedEx --- I never know what's going to show up at my door.

Just a few minutes ago, I completed an online shopping spree at  I had received a $25 e-gift card for participating in a blogging program. 

Gift Message: "Hi Bridget, Thank you for participating in the Vaseline blogging program.  As one of the 50 qualified participants, you get a $25 e-Gift Card.  Enjoy!"
I'd never shopped there before, but was excited to do so. For sure!  I couldn't believe all the items there was to choose from.  I spent over an hour browsing around and had the most difficult time making a decision on what to purchase.  Hubby was laughing at me, because I was having a hard time spending money.  LOL!

In the end, this is what I got:


When you add the $25 gift card to the $39.74 savings, I actually saved a grand total of $64.74!  I absolutely love buying things without actually having to pay for them! :)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from my Family to Yours!


Blogger Broadcast said...

I know what you mean about getting things in the mail. It's awesome isn't it?

I am a new follower from TMT Think of me Thursday. My link Hope you can swing by for a visit and follow me too.

Happy Thanksgiving

J Rodney said...

That's awesome Bridget! I got a gift for my dad's girlfriend, one of the last gifts I needed to buy before I can ship everything off to Europe. With the cost of shipping, I really have to find ways to stretch my slim gift budget.

Patrice said...

I wish I knew where to find more opportunities like this one. I have only been blogging for a few months and I have so much to learn. I have been entering giveaways. Are there certain places to learn about more giveaways?