Tuesday, November 16, 2010

10 Tips For Stylish Layering Techniques For All Occasions - Layering is Cool!

We have harsh winters and bitter cold fall weather where I live in North Idaho.  We are already having freezing temperatures.  As a matter of fact, when I dropped my kids off at school last week, it was just 34 degrees!  You never know what the weather is going to be from day to day, so being prepared is always the key to keeping and staying warm.


I'm forever dressing my kids in layers.  I love the way layering looks, layering is cute, stylish and trendy.  But most importantly, I know it's going to help keep my children warm when it's cold outside.  Plus, I know that often times in the winter, the classrooms are cold.  Layering gives me a little added comfort as I send them off to school.

My 10 Tips For Stylish Layering Techniques For All Occasions:

  1. I love to layer short sleeve shirts over the top of long sleeve shirts.  You can easily mix and match colors for a unique look.  Or simply layer different shades of the same color.  Either way, it will give your outfit an entirely new look!
  2. Wearing skirts when it's cold outside isn't a problem when you layer.  Simply layer a skirt over the top of a pair of leggins and you have the perfect outfit for any occasion, casual or trendy. 
  3. I love how cute my kids look while wearing vests.  Vests are the perfect layering item.  They come in every color, personally I love the soft fuzzy ones or the ones with fur trim!
  4. We spend a lot of time outside as a family in the winter, sledding and building snowmen.  We always wear a pair of long johns under our pants for extra warmth and protection against the snow.  Even with snowpants on, legs can still get cold and wet, so adding that extra layer really makes a big difference.
  5. No need to put those shorts and tank tops away for the summer.  They can add style to any outfit.  The shorts are perfect to wear over leggins and tanks are perfect to wear over long sleeve shirts.  Layer colorful shorts and tanks over solid colors tops and bottoms for a whole new wardrobe.
  6. My daughter wears her short sleeve dresses all fall and winter long as well.  Just layer them over the top of a long sleeve shirt and tight leggins for a super cute outfit!  Not only does she look super cute, but she can still play outside, swing, ride bikes, etc. Her favorite part about it - not having to keep her legs tightly together!
  7. Scarves are always a wonderful and stylish layering item.  You can easily use them to keep your neck warm.  You can also use them as a head wrap to keep your ears warm or even as a stylish belt!  Scarves are for much more than just your neck.
  8. Making the old, new again.  I know you all have some clothes in the back of your closet that you haven't worn for years.  Right?  Take them out and later them for a brand new look.  Nobody will ever know that you have had them hidden in your closet for years.  Get a whole new outfit without even having to go shopping.
  9. Clothes aren't the only items used for stylish layering.  Jewelry can spice up an outfit just as easily.  Big necklaces, layer shorter necklaces with longer ones for a great look.  You can make them as casual or as dressy as you want.
  10. Love that top but think the cut is way to low?  Layer it over a solid tank for the perfect solution.  Cute, stylish and non-revealing!

You can later your clothing no matter where you live or what the temperature.  When you use layers, the possibilities are endless.  All you have to do is use a little imagination and creativity and your wardrobe will never be the same!  Do you remember how creative Punky Brewster was with layering?

What is your favorite stylish layering technique?

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Unknown said...

I love layering and even though Virginia doesn't have anywhere near the insane cold temps that y'all have up there, it's still necessary to wear layers. I have a ton of cute tops that border on being too low cut for work so I stock up on basic tanks in all different colors from Old Navy or Penneys and layer them under the shirts to make them work appropriate. There's not a whole lot of difference, but it smooths everything out and even in cold offices I stay warm because of the extra layer.