Thursday, February 3, 2011

Free Item Coupons: Free Groceries are the Best Groceries

We all know that grocery shopping is something that we can't avoid.  Unfortunately, prices seem to be going up on just about everything that we have to purchase, groceries included.  I love it when I can get a great deal with coupons and free item coupons make it even better.  

I love walking into the grocery store with free item coupons.  You never know what kind of reaction you are going to get from the cashier, sometimes they are envious and sometimes they are just downright rude!  I've had cashiers ask me my secrets and I've had them accuse me of having fake coupons before.  Personally, I think the rude cashiers are just jealous!  :)

Last week, I had a handful of free item coupons burning a hole in my wallet.

I couldn't wait any longer, I had to go on a free grocery shopping trip!  I got the following items for FREE!  I only had to pay for sales tax.  The cashier was in shock and very impressed!  The only free item coupon I wasn't able to use was the Chiquita banana coupon, I can't find them in any store in my area.

Food Is Good Chips: $2.99 
Excedrin: $5.99 x 2
Juicy Juice: $3.68 x 2
Old Orchard: $2.69 x 2
Bagel Crisps: $3.29
Panetini: $3.99

Total:  $34.99
Tax: $2.10
Grand Total:   $37.09

Take away the free item coupon prices and I paid a grand total of $2.10 for all those grocery items!  I wish all of my grocery shopping was like this!

Have you gotten any great deals lately?


J Rodney said...

I love it Bridget!

Did you get to use your Free Target chips coupons yet?

I have several free coupons that I need to use as well, they sure are fabulous. Some cashiers cannot believe it, whenever you have a free coupon...yet there are SOOOOO many of them.

Frugality Is Free

Angie B said...

I love it. I enter a lot of low entry giveaway because often they are for grocery and beauty items I use anyway. I've received a number of FREE item coupons that way. I'm a newbie into the world of other types of coupons and still trying to learn all the tips and tricks to using them to get the max benefit. I know I'll get it though.

CheekyMommaof2 said...


I used my free Target chip coupons this morning! I have another article in the works that includes those! Whoo hoo!

I wish I had free coupons for everything! LOL!

CheekyMommaof2 said...


That's the perfect way to get free item coupons, I do the same thing!

Anonymous said...

No. No deals as good as this. A dollar off here and there. Thats awesome though. How do you find these deals.