Sunday, August 21, 2011

Frugal Bathroom Makeover: Just Add Paint

Several years ago, probably 7 years ago. I decided to paint our upstairs bathroom PURPLE! Purple is my favorite color. I picked out a shade of purple that I thought was nice and painted the bathroom. Well... let's just say that it was LOUD! I refused to paint the bathroom again, so we just lived with it! I will admit, that over time it grew on me. Once I got over the shock of it all! :) I decorated with the Anne Geddes lilac babies and it looked cute!

A couple years ago we did an addition to our house, and our upstairs bathroom because the kids bathroom. We now have a master bedroom with a master bath. LOVE IT!

A couple months ago, I decided it was time to get rid of the horrific purple paint and go with something more mellow. I decided on hazy sage. I wish I would have taken a full photo of the purple bathroom to share but I totally spaced it. You can see from the purple/white though that it was horrid! The white is where the medicine cabinet was. The purple is what the entire bathroom was, including the ceiling! YES, I even painted the ceiling that color. WHAT was I thinking?!?!?

So... after 5 coats of primer on walls & ceiling to cover up the purple... 2 coats of white on the ceiling and 2 coats of hazy sage on the walls... the kids bathroom is officially re-painted!

FINALLY having the bathroom finished and painted... PRICELESS!!!! I'm never going to paint again!

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