Saturday, October 1, 2011

DIY Halloween Costume: Davy Crockett (Mountain Man)

Halloween is only a few weeks away and I know that kids (and adults) are trying to figure out what to be this year.  There is such a wide variety Halloween costumes making it difficult to choose.  Have you thought about making your Halloween costume this year?

History is an important focus at my kids elementary school in 4th grade. At the end of the year they have a fun-filled day called The 4th Grade History Rendezvous! The playground field area is filled with different stations that focus on important things in history. Including dutch oven cooking, panning for gold, cannon 101, Civil War 101, compass wayfaring, square dancing and so much more.

The 4th graders were split into small groups with a parent volunteer and each group rotated between the stations every 30 minutes. Children (and adults) were encouraged to dress the era and create an old-fashioned lunch box. They had a contest for both.

I have to brag just a little bit and tell you that my handsome son won 1st Place in the costume contest! He was a mountain man AKA Davy Crockett! I also dressed up. A friend of mine let me borrow an era dress that she had used in the past for similar functions.

Items On Hand:

Khaki Shirt
Deer Call
Halloween Makeup for Beard

Items Purchased:

Coonskin Cap: $5.99
Wicker Basket: $0.75
Jean/Fur Jacket: $3.99 after 50% Off at Goodwill
Khaki Pants: $0.99 after 50% Off at Goodwill

Jacket Before:

My husband took all the stitching out and we were left with a nice, soft furry vest. No sewing required!

Basket Before:

Basket After - Turned Lunch Pail:

Just a little leather shoestring, brown (buckskin colored) fabric and a faux bone latch.

The event was fantastic! I'm so lucky that I got to be a part of it and experience this with my son! My daughter will be in 2nd grade this year, so I will be able to do this once more with her. I'm already looking forward to it.