Monday, November 28, 2011

Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab Review

Have you ever thought to yourself that it would be fun to eat bubbly brains, zombie skin and a barf filled beverage?  Come on, be honest!  I have two children, a son and a daughter, and my daughter is always the one getting dirty and not afraid to try anything!

The Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab is perfect for any child that loves to experiment and try new things!

Not only do they get to experiment and create sweet treats - they also get to eat their creations!  From bubbling brains and zombie skin to eyeball bugs and zombie barf!

In fact, you get to eat everything you make!  We took this as the perfect family afternoon activity and we had a great time!  Lots of laughs, funny faces and Ewww's and even a few Yum's!

I'll be honest and tell you that I'm easily grossed out and I thought the Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab was quite creepy!  Even though I knew it wasn't the "real thing," I had a hard time choking down the zombie brain barf!  

Just the thought of it made me queasy and the texture took it over the top!  It tasted good but the texture was like a big slimy gob of snot!  ICK!  The consensus was the same from all of us, it tasted really good but the texture was just too much to handle!  It felt like swallowing a big ball of slime!

The insects, spiders and zombie skin were all quite good!  They tasted like very sweet jello!  The zombie skin  and insects were our favorite - it was almost like the perfect combination between jello and fruit snacks!

The bubbling zombie brains tasted like a super sweet fruit punch.  Add a little bit of Sprite and ice cream for the perfect party punch!

Simply put... Disturbing, Disgusting and mostly Delicious!  It's perfect for kids because it's everything they love - fun and gross.

From the Manufacturer:


The ultimate in disturbingly delicious experiments, Doctor Dreadful’s Zombie Lab gives you more terribly tasty treats than ever! Whether brewing bubbly brains or zombie skins, you can eat everything you make. Inject spiders into eye sockets as you dare your friends to consume everything Doctor Dreadful’s Zombie Lab creates! Watch in horror as his jaw rips open and he pukes his brains out! Then wash your fear down with a delicious brain barf beverage! With real puking action this nauseating experience will certainly be one of the tastiest you’ve ever had!

   Product Features:


  • Create your own delicious treats!
  • Eat bubbling brains and zombie skins
  • Inject spiders into the eyeballs
  • Watch the Zombie's jaw rip open as it pukes out a brain barf beverage
  • 1 Zombie Head 2 Tools 5 Pouches of Food 1 Cup

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A special thanks to to the generous sponsor for this wonderful opportunity!


Unknown said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Self Sagacity said...

From WWindow. Looks yummy, my kids would love it.