Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gyro Bowl Review and Giveaway

No matter how young or old your children are, spills and messes tend to be a part of everyday life.  No matter how careful they are, we all know that accidents happen.  I've seen commercials for the Gyro Bowl numerous times and each time, my daughter asks for one.

Whether we are at home in the living room playing games, watching tv or riding in the car, the Gyro Bowl is fun, practical and functional!  It's perfect for little hands and easy for them to hold on to.

 The Gyro Bowl is an unique, colorful, kid-proof snack bowl, that uses 360-degree technology to help prevent spills and messes.  While nothing is 100% effective, the Gyro Bowl does an amazing job making spills less frequent.  

TIP:  Your child must hold on to the outer handle in order for the Gyro Bowl to work effectively.  If they don't let the bowl move freely - it will spill!

I love the fact that it is both functional and durable.  It's very easy to clean by hand and I can also put it in the dishwasher.

I know that the Gyro Bowl is a bowl, but my daughter also has so much fun playing with it.  She puts marbles, Polly Pockets and LEGOS inside and turns the bowl to show me how "cool" it is that they stay inside. 

Whether your child is 1 or 7 (like mine), they are going to love the Gyro Bowl!

Gyro Bowl Features:

  • 100% Kid-Proof  
  • BPA-Free Plastic
  • Not Microwave Safe
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Includes Snap-On Lid
  • Saves Time, Less Cleaning
  •  Use it for Non-Food Items
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • Inner Bowl Rotates 360 Degrees



Unknown said...

I have 3 great-grandchildren, so I would probably give it to them, or just keep it at the house so they could use it when they come over.

Teh Doll said...

my son cause he is a messy little bugger


Devon F said...

I would love it for my daughter
2bufa4u at cox dot net

Joy N. said...

my neice

Anita Yancey said...

I would love to give it to my daughter for my two little grandkids. They are so messy.

Katrina said...

this would be for my toddler daughter to use.
ykatrina at hotmail dot com

ZuZu said...

for my daughter

Mel said...

I would give it to my sister-in-law for my niece.
meltheplux at gmail dot com

April G said...

I have 1 year old twins and this would be for them. :)

April G said...

I have 1 year old twins and this would be for them. :)

Cinderella10383 said...

I would love to give this to my 18 month old son
Jamie Brigham
cinderella10383 @ aol dot com

themommablogger said...

My children, but in reality isn't that like giving myself a gift..the gift of fewer messes?

Ashley turicik said...

My sister could really use this. Her 2 year old son is always spilling something

Ashley rexrode

Carolyn said...

I would give this to my great nephew who is 8 months old and just starting to try to feed hisself.

Daisy said...

i would give it to my nephew he is a little messy boy

Hannahs_Momma said...

I would give it to my daughter

Peggy said...

I've seen these advertised on t.v. and wanted one!! I think they're more than just for children lol