Wednesday, November 16, 2011

HOT! FREE $10 Amazon Gift Card From Stumbleupon

Here's an invite to StumbleUpon, my favorite way to discover new and interesting (and always great) things on the Web. I think you'll really like it!  StumbleUpon helps you discover interesting web pages, photos and videos recommended by friends and like-minded people, wherever you are.

How To Get your Free $10 Amazon Gift Card From StumbleUpon
  1. Sign up for StumbleUpon (It's FREE)
  2. Go here and refer 5 friends. You can email them, or share a link on Facebook, Twitter or your blog.
  3. When 5 people sign up through your link, you get a $10 Amazon gift card in the mail!
  4. For every 5 people that sign up through your link, you receive another $10 Amazon gift card. 
What Is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is a program that uses hands up/hands down ratings to form collaborative opinions on website quality. When you stumble, you will only see pages that friends and stumblers with your interests have recommended. This helps you discover great content you probably wouldn’t find using a search engine.

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