Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scrolls From Santa Review and Giveaway - 2 Winners

For every child, Santa is one of those magical memories that make the Christmas season so much fun.  Do you remember how excited you were as a child to see Santa in the mall?  Or to lay awake in bed on Christmas Eve, hoping to hear his bells or maybe get a glimpse of him in your living room?  What could be more magical this Christmas than to receive a letter from Santa?

This is the time of year when I enjoy watching the magic of the holiday season through the eyes of my children.  

They see everything differently and I cherish being able to see the excitement on their faces.  Scrolls from Santa is the perfect way to bring the magic of Santa to any child and put a smile on their face this Christmas!

My daughter will be 8 years old in January and is asking too many Santa questions this year.  

I know that this will be the last year of complete, innocent Christmas magic, so I'm doing everything possible to make those memories extra special this year! 

Scrolls from Santa aren't like any other letter from Santa you've seen over the years!  They are personalized, handmade letters from Santa on unique, parchment scroll paper, complete with burnt edges!  They are also shipped directly from the North Pole, just look at the stamps and postmark! 

The North Pole, Silver Bell and You're Snow Naughty packages are discreetly shipped inside a cardboard box in order to prevent damage to the package and ornament!  I couldn't believe how cute and durable they were - way more than I had anticipated!

Scrolls from Santa are available for the Naughty & Nice!  They also carry a great selection of extras and stocking stuffers including, Christmas glasses, lumps of coal, insta-snow powder, lumps of coal, Rudolph silly bands and reindeer collars!

Each letter from Santa is beautifully detailed with details that only Santa would know, complete with calligraphic label and hand-writing.  Each one has an official "Desk of S. Claus" gold seal sticker at the bottom of the letter.   I love how the paper has burnt edges, they look like a letter from history - perfect for Santa!  Everything about Scrolls from Santa was highly impressive, they are simply MAGICAL in every possible way.

**Only accepting orders through Dec. 15th! To guarantee delivery in time for Santa's arrival!** 

About Scrolls from Santa:

My name is Renata Lafler, co-founder of Scrolls from Santa. Since 2010, I have been dedicated to my new position as, “Elf Mail Postmaster.” I wasn’t always lucky enough to be employed by Santa, though.

I have spent most of my life chasing my passion: science (I have both a BS and MS in Geoscience, and yes, I “dig” rocks). My analytical nature as a child proved particularly challenging for my parents during the holidays. One Easter, I sat in my bedroom quietly pondering the existence of the Easter Bunny (I was five years old). After much speculation, I approached my mother with a furrowed brow and a look of concern. “Mommy,” I said. “I know how to tell if the Easter Bunny is real. I’m going to write him a letter and ask him to sign his name at the bottom. Then, when I see his signature, I will know if he is real or if you are just pretending.” Boy, did I think I was clever! I drafted my letter to the Easter Bunny in crayon and left it in the living room for him to discover. When I woke up the next morning, I followed a trail of foil-covered chocolate eggs to a festive basket of treats. I anxiously pushed the basket aside, searching frantically instead, for my note. As I lifted the sheet to inspect it, my eyes grew wide like saucers. There, by my crooked “X,” was the pastel-colored footprint of a rabbit!

To this day, as a professional babysitter and new mom, I am constantly seeking new ways to create and preserve special holiday memories, just as my mother did for me. The Scrolls from Santa family is committed to preserving the enchantment of the Christmas season with truly authentic letters from Santa. Each scroll is created with extreme attention to detail to help even the most skeptical child believe; from the custom designed North Pole stamps to the hand burnt parchment paper each letter is printed on. 

Scrolls from Santa
Unroll the magic…and Believe!

 You're Snow Naughty package (generally used for adults and teens)

Package includes:

You've been naughty and Santa knows it. Straight from the Naughty List is a personalized scroll documenting your dirty deeds. Along with a fake lump of coal, you will also receive all six pairs of "Christmas Vision Glasses" and one tube of Insta-Snow. Shipped in the North Pole with a detachable Christmas ornament to hang on your tree and post-marked via the North Pole for that naughty someone

 Silver Bell package


Package includes:

A personalized Scroll from Santa with official North Pole seal. Includes one package of Rudolph Character Bands, all six pairs of “Christmas Vision Glasses,” and one tube of Insta-Snow. Shipped in the North Pole with a detachable Christmas ornament, post-marked via the North Pole, and addressed to your child.


eclairre said...

Silver Bell package
for my neice.

Anonymous said...

Silver Bell Package. For my kiddos! :)

Unknown said...

I would like the silver bells Package for my kids!

kelleynutrition at gmail dot com

Devon F said...

I would like the Silver Bell package for my daughter

2bufa4u at cox dot net

cman said...

Silver Bell package for my daughter.

Unknown said...

Naughty package for my oldest daughter (28 yr) . . . she'd understand!

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

I like the Silver Bell package and would give it to my daughter or son!

Jocelyn said...

Silver bells package for my three year old girl...she is so into santa, its adorable!

Unknown said...

Silver bells package for my 8 year old daughter, Mia. I've had to get more creative each year with my Santa letters from burnt paper edges to real-life Santa and Rudolph polaroids. It would be nice to have such a beautiful Santa package come this year that I wouldn't have to worry about creating.

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