Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Year, New You! Slim-Fast's Best Tasting Shakes Ever!

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It's official... I'm getting my fatness back on track! I'm just so sick of feeling pregnant and wearing baggy shirts to cover things up! I want to lose a minimum of 20 pounds and I'd love to do it before summer 2012! My ultimate goal is to lose 25 - 30 pounds. I want to weigh less than my wonderful and supportive husband!

Slim-Fast has introduced its richest, creamiest, best-tasting shakes ever – all inside a deliciously convenient bottle that’s designed to go everywhere – from your purse to your desk or gym bag!  I love that it tastes great, fills me up and is convenient - perfect for on-the-go!

One thing that I have learned during my weight loss process is to take it one day at a time and that every little change makes a difference.  Whether it's eating smaller portions, taking the stairs or going for a walk!

Great New Taste:

Losing weight shouldn’t mean sacrificing taste. The new Slim-Fast shakes will wow your taste buds, provide up to four hours of hunger control and offer 10 grams of protein, five grams of fiber and 24 essential vitamins and minerals, making it easier for you to stick to your plan and achieve your weight loss goals. Flavors available in the new Slim-Fast bottle include:

• Creamy Milk Chocolate
• French Vanilla
• Rich Chocolate Royale
• Cappuccino Delight
• Strawberries N’ Cream

About the Slim-Fast 3•2•1 Plan

• The new Slim-Fast shakes are part of the Slim-Fast 3•2•1 Plan, The plan gives you quick results* - done right. Plus it’s flexible so you can get the structure you want and the variety you crave. Just follow the plan

• Slim-Fast 100-calorie snack bars provide a delicious calorie-controlled snack to help curb sweet cravings between meals

• 2 Slim-Fast Shakes or Meal Bars per day: Slim-Fast shakes and meal bars are delicious and satisfying, providing the balanced nutrition of a meal and up to four hours of hunger control

• 1 Balanced Meal: Enjoy one balanced 500-calorie meal per day. As a rule, try to fill half your plate with veggies, a quarter with protein, and a quarter with whole grains

The new Slim-Fast shakes are available in the pharmacy sections of grocers and retailers nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway and Kroger and online at and the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Store on Facebook.

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