Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shopping for Free: Freebie Coupon Shopping - $28 Worth of Groceries for Less Than $2

I have several free product coupons that I have been holding onto, just waiting to make a trip to the grocery store and get some great freebies!  I have several more free product coupons but don't want to overwhelm or frustrate the cashiers, so I take them in a few at a time.

I take my children shopping with me and they help me use my free item coupons. It helps them on so many different levels, including the value of a dollar and how much money you can save by using valuable money saving coupons!  Coupon shopping is also great for helping with math skills!  My daughter tells people all the time... 

"My Mommy gets almost everything for FREE!" 

Here is my most recent shopping trip for FREE groceries

My Freebie Coupon Shopping Trip:

Mi-Del Ginger Snaps: $3.63 + Free Coupon = Free
Freschetta Pizzamore Pizza: $5.98 + Free Coupon = Free
Farm Rich Mozzarella Bites: $7.83 + Free Coupon = Free
Blue Bunny Mini Sundae Cones: $5.94 + Free Coupon = Free
Land O Lakes Cinnamon Sugar Butter: $2.68 + Free Coupon = Free   

 Total price: $27.62!  By using freebie coupons I only had to pay sales tax.  My price out-of-pocket was only $1.56.



J Rodney said...

That's fabulous Briget! You did great! I always use my free product coupons to push my regular grocery shopping over $30 or $50, so that I can use a $3 off $30 or $5 off $50 coupon on top of everything else.

Anonymous said...

Freebie coupons are awesome!