Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Claire's Christmas Clearance Deals: Spent $38 and Saved $275

  Clearance sales are always my favorite way to stock up for holidays and birthdays!  I shop clearance sales all year long and "off season" for maximum savings.  I have a large stock pile of gifts for children of all ages!  Whenever a birthday or holiday arrives that we need a gift for, we simply go "shopping" in the gift shed! 
My most recent clearance deals were at Claire's.  All of their Christmas items were just $1 EACH!  Of course, I couldn't pass up a great deal like that!  Look at all the great Christmas items that I got...

My Claire's Christmas Clearance Deals:
 Beanie Babies Domu Monster: $14.50
 Knee High Holiday Socks: 2 @ $8.50
Knee High Holiday Socks: 2 @ $7.50
Holiday Journal/Diary: 4 @ $10.50
Ornament Bubble Bath: 2 @ $5.50 
Holiday Press-on Nails: 5 @ $8.50
Beanie Babies Reindeer: 2 @ $7.50
 Necklace/Earrings Set: 3 @ $7.50
Earrings Set w/ 3 pairs: 7 @ $7.50
Earrings - Single Pair: 3 @ $4.50
Beanie Babies Polar Bear: $7.50
Beanie Babies Snowman: $7.50
Beanie Babies Ball: $9.50
Piggy Banks: 2 @ $12.50

The grand total came to $312.70.  

I paid just $38.16 and saved a total of $274.54! 
For a total savings of 87%

Do you shop clearance sales to create a stock pile of gifts and other items?  Have you gotten any great deals lately?


JRFrugalMom and Family said...

Wow, you did fantastic Bridget! Don't forget to link up your savings on Friday.....

Anonymous said...

Great savings on some super cute items! Way to save!