Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Claire's Christmas Clearance Deals: Spent $38 and Saved $275

  Clearance sales are always my favorite way to stock up for holidays and birthdays!  I shop clearance sales all year long and "off season" for maximum savings.  I have a large stock pile of gifts for children of all ages!  Whenever a birthday or holiday arrives that we need a gift for, we simply go "shopping" in the gift shed! 
My most recent clearance deals were at Claire's.  All of their Christmas items were just $1 EACH!  Of course, I couldn't pass up a great deal like that!  Look at all the great Christmas items that I got...

My Claire's Christmas Clearance Deals:
 Beanie Babies Domu Monster: $14.50
 Knee High Holiday Socks: 2 @ $8.50
Knee High Holiday Socks: 2 @ $7.50
Holiday Journal/Diary: 4 @ $10.50
Ornament Bubble Bath: 2 @ $5.50 
Holiday Press-on Nails: 5 @ $8.50
Beanie Babies Reindeer: 2 @ $7.50
 Necklace/Earrings Set: 3 @ $7.50
Earrings Set w/ 3 pairs: 7 @ $7.50
Earrings - Single Pair: 3 @ $4.50
Beanie Babies Polar Bear: $7.50
Beanie Babies Snowman: $7.50
Beanie Babies Ball: $9.50
Piggy Banks: 2 @ $12.50

The grand total came to $312.70.  

I paid just $38.16 and saved a total of $274.54! 
For a total savings of 87%

Do you shop clearance sales to create a stock pile of gifts and other items?  Have you gotten any great deals lately?


J Rodney said...

Wow, you did fantastic Bridget! Don't forget to link up your savings on Friday.....

Anonymous said...

Great savings on some super cute items! Way to save!