Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lockers for Kids - A Fun Way to Stay Organized!

I remember the first day of junior high and how I was so excited to get a locker of my very own.  As a younger student, I always thought it was so cool that the older kids had lockers!  As I would walk past on my way to lunch or recess, I thought of how I would organize and decorate my kids locker when I got one!

Now it seems that there are lockers for kids everywhere you go, in the Kindergarten classroom, in retail stores, at the gym and even at the local waterpark!  

In fact, each of my children have a foot locker in their bedroom and it's where they keep all of their "special" items that they want to keep safe.

Childrens lockers are the ideal storage and space-saver!  Whether at home or in the classroom, being able to maximize space and keep things organized is essential!  We have a cubby system in our basement/playroom and it's the perfect way to keep my children's toys tidy and organized making them easy to find!

How do you keep your children's toys and other items organized?

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