Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shopping for Free: Freebie Coupon Shopping - $20 Worth of Groceries - $0 Out of Pocket

Do you like free groceries?  I have several free product coupons in my purse just waiting to used at the grocery store.   I love walking onto the store knowing that I'm going to be walking out with some tasty freebies!  Personally, I think free groceries taste a little bit better than the ones I have to pay for! :)

This is my most recent shopping trip at Fred Meyer:

My Freebie Coupon Shopping Trip:

Chicken Trumpets: $5.98 + Free Coupon = Free
Pepperoni & Garlic Pizza: $8.49 + Free Coupon = Free
Belgian Chocolate Lava Cakes: $5.98 + Free Coupon = Free

  My price out-of-pocket was only $0.  I didn't even have to pay the sales tax!!

TOTAL SAVINGS:  $20.45 - a savings of 100%!

Do you use coupons when you go grocery shopping?


FreeIndeed said...

Not bad for freebies, looks like some tasty snacks
- anna pry

ReviewsSheRote said...

Nice trip---I've had a few freebie shopping trips two---feels so GOOD!!!

THAT Pizza Looks YUMMY!!! =)