Friday, January 4, 2013

Kohl’s Christmas Clearance + 20 Percent Off Kohl’s Coupon - Saved $335!

One thing that I look forward to ever year is shopping the after Christmas clearance at all my favorite stores!  It allows me to get great deals on gift items for the entire year, as well as great items for our annual gift shop at school.

This year, I made two trips to shop the amazing Kohl's Christmas clearance.  Both times filling my cart and wondering if I should have purchased more.  In addition the items being on clearance, there was an additional 25% taken off at the register - PLUS, I had a Kohl's 20% off coupon!

Take a look at my Kohl’s after Christmas clearance deals:

(2) Bath/Travel Sets: regular price - $12 on clearance for $3.60
(25) Holiday Hand Sanitizers w/Clip: regular price $3 on clearance for $0.45
(6) Body/Bath Gift Sets: regular price $12 on clearance for $1.80
(9) Candies Ornament Bubble Bath: regular price $6 on clearance for $1.35
(6) Body Lotion/Shower Gel Gift Packs: regular price $12 on clearance for $3.60
(4) Paper/Pen Sets: regular price $20 on clearance for $3
(2) Holiday Lip Gloss Gift Packs: regular price $8 on clearance for $2.40

Total out of pocket $64.15
Total saved $334.48

Have you shopped the Kohl's Christmas clearance?


Carrie with Children said...

You are amazing! What fantastic deals! I wish I had gone to Kohl's to stock up on some gifts for later in the year

Naptime Review said...

I got a gift card from Kohl's I need to stop by. Thanks so much for posting :)

Julie @ Naptime Review

P.S. Stopping by from Review Bloggers Unite on Facebook :)

Cassie said...

I am totally impressed with your shopping! Maybe I should head to my Kolh's to see what it left.

Anonymous said...

Totally impressive, to say the least!!

J Rodney said...

That's fantastic! You always do fantastic at Kohl's!

Cori said...

Wow that savings is awesome!!!

Kas said...

Holy Moly! I LOVE Kohl's. They always have great deals and you did well!

Kristi Bonney said...

You're such an awesome shopper!

Anonymous said...

You have got to be one of the most frugal shoppers ever!