Tuesday, January 22, 2013

90 Percent Off Target Christmas Clearance: Spent $36, Saved $289

Christmas is my favorite holiday, and I look forward to the Target after Christmas clearance every year.  It's something that I look forward to, plan for and never miss!

It is the perfect opportunity to stock up on great holiday gifts for an amazing price.  At 90 percent off, you just can't go wrong!

My 90 Percent Off Target Christmas Clearance Deals:



12 x Knee High Holiday Socks on Target Christmas clearance for $0.50 each (was $5)
4 x Cherry Candy Canes for $0.24 each (was $2.49)
2 x Men's Holiday Boxer Briefs for $0.59 each (was $5.99)
11 x Moss Watches for $0.99 each (was $9.99)
Radio Flashlight for $1.50 (was $15)
Air Guitar for $1.50 (was $15)
Coloud Over Ear Phones for $2.50 (was $24.99)
Votive Candle Holder Set for $1.79 (was $17.99)
3 x Infant Naughty/Nice socks for $0.20 (was $2)
5 x Angry Bird Men's Boxers for $0.99 (was $9.99)  

Total spent: $36.12

Total saved: $288.90


Did you find any amazing 90 percent off Target Christmas clearance deals?


J Rodney said...

What a great haul! I love the 90 percent off sale too.... but you already knew that:)

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired said...

That's amazing! I went to Target this year a week or so after Christmas and was thrilled with the bargains I found as well. I love that place and after Christmas shopping is always so fun!

Cassie said...

Amazing. i grabbed some awesome items too but looks like you had more to choose from them me.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize they went down that much, holy smokes!

Heavenly Savings said...

I love after holiday shopping at Target! They always have amazing deals!

FiddleDeeAshley said...

I tried, but ours didn't have much left. I wanted some winter workout clothes and they've already been replaced with swimsuits, lol.

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

How cow!! That's amazing!

Unknown said...

Wow! You did great! I love shopping after-holiday sales! You can get so much for so little!