Saturday, January 7, 2012

Target Christmas Clearance 90 Percent Off - I Saved $204

I went to Target this morning to check on the Target Christmas clearance sale and was thrilled to see that it's finally at 90 percent off.  This was the fourth time I've been to Target this week because I didn't want to miss out.  

If you are looking for great deals keep your eyes open because now is the perfect time to stock up on Christmas items for next year. Target clearance is always my favorite way to stock up for holidays and birthdays!

I have a great stock pile of gifts for children of all ages!  Whenever a birthday or holiday arrives that we need a gift for, we go "shopping" in the gift shed! 

My 90 Percent Off Target Christmas Clearance Deals:

Knee High Snowflake Socks for $0.50 (was $5.00)
Water Globes on clearance for $1.29 each (was $12.99)
Self Stick Gift Labels on clearance for $0.13 each (was $1.30)
 Glitter Snowflake Ornaments on clearance for $0.10 each (was $1.00)
Ceramic Piggy Banks: Reindeer & Gingerbread Houses $0.99 each (was $9.99)

I paid just $23.83 and saved a total of $203.85!

Target Toy Clearance is currently at 50 percent off at our local North Idaho store.  I always stock up in January because of the great Target clearance deals!  At those low prices you simply can't go wrong!  

While I do purchase a few items at 50 and 70 percent off, I hold off the majority of my after Christmas shopping for the 90 percent off Target Christmas clearance!

Do you shop clearance to create a stock pile of gifts and other items?


J Rodney said...

You did fantastic Bridget! How come you did not buy any wrapping paper?

I seriously considered getting the piggy banks, but I have one big problem. We have tile all over the house including in the boys bedrooms, and a piggy bank certainly would not survive a fall:)

This is also the reason why we have to make a trip to Ikea ever year to stock up on new drinking glasses:)

Fabulous Target clearance deals Bridget! Now we just need to get the Target toy clearance up to 75 percent off!

J Rodney said...

BTW I have a whole closet full of gifts already:)

HarveyScott said...

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TemporaryWaffle said...

I went to Target today to check out the 90% off items and the shelves were so empty!(I should've taken a pic!) Most of the items were gone so that was kind of a bummer :/ But great job on your finds! :)

Devon F said...

Wow you scored big time! Our Target didn't have any good stuff left when I last checked :(

2bufa4u at cox dot net

Marsha Cooper said...

I went to Target shortly after Christmas and mentioned to my daughter wondering if they still had any Christmas items. Her knee was hurting bad so we didn't walk to the back of the store to check.
I got quite a bit at half price between Wal mart and Walgreens. I am happy with what I got as usually I have NO money to spend on after holiday deals.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... I love those piggy banks. They are adorable!