Monday, January 16, 2012

Saving Money When Buying College Textbooks

New college students are often shocked at the sky-high prices of college textbooks, buying multiple textbooks every semester can set back a students already tight budget. Luckily, Campus Book Rentals has come up with a solution that places money back into student’s pocket. Students can simply rent the book they need for a specified period of time-semester, quarter and summer rentals- and return it once they are done. 

Best of all shipping is free both ways. College students can enjoy the book as needed and yes, highlighting is allowed, and can keep it even longer with 15 or 30 day extensions which will aid studying till the wee hours of the night for that final exam. Virtually all textbooks are available for any major including Tonal Harmony, sixth edition by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne. 

If you cannot part with your rented book you have the option of buying it, by simply paying the difference between the amount already paid in rental fees and the value of the book. Ordering books is easy you can search by ISBN, author, title or keyword and books usually arrive 7-14 days after processing, and any book returned within the first 30 days after the order date will be refunded 100%.  

Additionally there is a 15 day grace period that allows the book to get back to them without penalty. Ordered books will arrive on time and if anything goes wrong with your order their speedy and friendly customer service is there to help. Students can now save money on books and spend it on food instead.

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