Sunday, January 15, 2012

Coupon Cutter

Written by my friend Betty Walls

Ever since I was laid off from my job last August, it’s been very hard to make ends meet. It seems like all I do lately is cut coupons and comb through clearance racks. I’m so thankful that we haven’t lost our house or our spirits, but it has certainly meant cutting back in a lot of areas of our lives. We no longer go out to eat- even on special occasions we only go out if I find a great deal somewhere. So when I was looking at different options for our television programming, I almost just cancelled our subscription to everything and sold our TV. 

However, my husband is still employed, so I looked for another good deal to keep our TV up and running. I think it’s important for our kids to have access to the world, and so I looked for a package that included the internet and television. I found a great deal, and have been very pleased with our subscription. I’m so glad that this coupon cutter found another way around disparity!

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