Thursday, January 12, 2012

Target Toy Clearance 70 Percent Off!

I went to Target this morning after dropping the kids off at school to pick up a few last minute items for my daughter's birthday party this weekend and to check on the Target Toy clearance sale which is currently still at 70 percent off.   

I normally fill my shopping cart over the top at the January Target Toy Clearance but left with an empty cart today.  I was sadly disappointed in the selection of items that were left at our store.  
The best toys were all purchased during the 50 percent off clearance, which just isn't enough of a savings for me.

If you are looking for great deals keep your eyes open because now is the perfect time to stock up on birthday gifts and Christmas items for next year. Target clearance is always my favorite way to stock up for holidays and birthdays! 
They have a large selection of toys and shoes on clearance right now as well at a savings of 30 to 70 percent off!  I always stock up when I can take advantage of the great Target clearance deals!  
At such low prices you simply can't go wrong!  I have a great stock pile of gifts for children of all ages!

Do you shop clearance to create a stock pile of gifts and other items?

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE Target clearance! I stock up on clearance items to use as gifts all year long!