Sunday, January 15, 2012

Extreme Cheapskates - Frugal or Over the Top?

I'll admit that I love getting a great deal and saving money!  Being frugal, using coupons and shopping clearance is how I make the most out of every dollar I spend.  My daughter tells people all the time... "My Mommy gets almost everything for FREE!"  

TLC has a new show called Extreme CheapskatesThis show gives you an insider's look at the most outrageous penny- pinching people around.

One mom refuses to buy toilet paper and instead uses cloth squares that she washes and uses over and over again.  I'm sorry, but reusable toilet paper is just nasty!

One man goes to restaurants with a to-go box and asks customers for their left over food that they haven't eaten.  Really?  Gross!

As much as I love saving money - there are just some things that I refuse to do.  There is a line that I just think shouldn't be crossed.

Have you watched Extreme Cheapskates?

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