Sunday, January 13, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Save Money in Shopping For Prepping Supplies

Trying to prepare for a large scale disaster on a small budget can be difficult. It seems that there are so many “must have” items and these vary from expert to expert and website to website. What items do you really need when you are prepping for disasters? How can you save money while shopping?

Use these tips to prepare for disaster, without breaking the bank:

Shop at Big Box Stores
Big Box stores have prices that are generally lower than specialty and supply stores. For this reason you can stretch the prepping budget just a bit further and get more for your money. For example, rather than buying parachute cord (perfect for the beginner prepping kit) at a local prepping store or through an online specialty shop, check out your local big-box art store. You can find spools of it in-store, and even specialty parachute wrap bracelets for under five dollars.

Check Online Prices 

Before you head into the store to shop, you might want to check out the prices that are advertised online. Combined with coupon codes, promotions and even free shipping or dollar shipping options, there are some great deals that can be found. Find a couple of different websites and compare the prices while watching for sales. Amazon has some fantastic sales from time to time, so be sure to sign up for emails to be the first to know about sales.

Group Together 

Do you have friends or neighbors that are interested in the prepping lifestyle? Get together and make a list of the things that you need to survive and a plan to survive together when it comes to the end of the world as we know it. Divvy up the items and get together on the purchase of large scale items that can be used together at a bug out location.

Buy Used 

Look through the local classified ads or online advertisements for used items that can be helpful while prepping. You can find high quality items for up to seventy percent off of the regular price and get ready for a disaster without breaking the bank. Look for expensive items like generators and high quality items that are going to be the most valuable. However, keep in mind there are some items that you shouldn't buy used, the best food storage options should be purchased new, for safety reasons.

Don't Impulse Shop 

Sure, there are hundreds of things that you can find online that are recommended to be fully prepared for an emergency but to save money you can't impulse shop. Use a list while shopping and stick to it when buying supplies. Don't browse around the section of the home or outdoor living store just looking at things that might be useful, go to the store with a purpose in mind and purchase what's on the list.

Setting a budget for the prepping supplies can get you prepared in as little as a few months. Starting small, but starting with the necessities that are going to save your life is the tactic recommended for beginner preppers. A little research (on how to shop for the right supplies) always goes a long way too in saving money while prepping.

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