Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Maximize the Benefits of Your Multi-Vitamin: Try Liquid Health Supplements

Do you realize the importance of taking a daily vitamin supplement, but have difficulty swallowing pills?  My daughter has never been able to swallow pills, not even the the tiny ones.   I've tried putting it in her food, but it never seems to go down.  Any time she needs medication, we have to opt for the chewables or liquid version. 

Liquid health supplements and vitamins seem to be the newest craze, and they are becoming more readily available both online and on store shelves.  Not only are liquid vitamins and supplements easier to swallow, they are also absorbed better by the body, which helps maximize the benefits for your body.  

I remember when I was pregnant, just the thought of trying to swallow  one of those large prenatal vitamins made me gag.  It was difficult enough to keep food down, let alone a big horse pill! I sure wish I knew about the liquid health prenatal multi vitamin when I was expecting.  Genius!

Next Step Nutrition is an online retailer that carries a wide variety of liquid vitamins and supplements, and are most known for their liquid health line of products.  Liquid Health has been a leading liquid vitamin manufacturer since 1992, which is quite impressive!

Have you ever tried a liquid vitamin or supplement?

This post was inspired by Next Step Nutrition.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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