Monday, February 3, 2014

Frugal, Budget Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples!


Love, affection, and appreciation cant be purchased. They don't come in a box or the form of a bouquet and they aren't on the menu at an expensive restaurant... because they are priceless!

Yet these are the gifts that most women crave on Valentine's Day. More than anything, a woman wants to feel loved and that she is someone unlike anyone else in your life.  Money is no impediment, because very little of it needs to be involved in designing a Valentine's Day that is just right. This is great news if you are short on cash and want to make love, not debt on Valentine's Day. 

However, whether expensive or nearly cost-free, a good Valentine's Day gift requires thoughtful planning. The last thing a woman wants is to be the recipient of a rushed, last-minute gift. That tells her she is almost the last thing on your mind. 

Here are some frugal, budget-friendly suggestions for telling your sweetheart she is special.

A Fresh Baked Breakfast


One way to say you appreciate your wife or lover is by preparing a simple breakfast for her on Valentine's Day morning. Surprise her by running out for some bagels or whipping up some eggs and placing a small bouquet and maybe a hand-written card on the table. Have it all set up and ready for her when she wakes up.

A Simple Picnic Lunch

Take time to meet for lunch at her workplace or a nearby park. Pack some simple foods you know that she enjoys. You peel the orange, so she doesn't have to mess up her manicure.

Beauty Delivered During the Day

There is something enchanting about receiving a special delivery of flowers or a lovely potted plant while at work. It is a public announcement of affection. If you are shy about the thought of all her coworkers staring at you, let professionals do the delivery. If you buy flowers online, they will deliver the flowers with a special message from you, and it's usually a better price than a traditional florist.

Ice Cream and Time for Talk

Women love time for meaningful conversation. So here's a sweet, low-cost gift for when she gets home from work. Purchase fresh fruit and a pint of her favorite ice cream to share. Set the table nicely and be prepared to listen and ask questions.

Roller Skates and Go-Karts

After work is also a good time to let the good times roll. Make arrangements to go rollerblading or to visit the closest fun center where you can ride bumper cars or go-karts. Maybe you might even bowl a few lanes before dinner. Remember that couples who unwind together, laugh together and that couples who laugh together ... well, you get the picture.

Hot Chocolate and a Starlight Drive

Fill a thermos with hot chocolate and head out into the night for a starlight drive or walk. Stop by a park or lake to listen to the ducks and geese settling down for the night, gaze at the moon and hold hands.


A Chick Flick Cuddle Fest

When you get home, give her the cheesy but heartfelt Valentine you made for her or the poem you wrote. Then make the ultimate sacrifice and watch a touchy-feely, romantic chick flick of her choice while cuddling on the couch.

Of course, lucky you, she might prefer old Clint Eastwood movies. In that case, you really owe your woman. So make her day by offering a shoulder massage. She'll get the message; you adore her.

What is your favorite budget-friendly Valentine's Day gift idea?


Rayleigh said...

I love these ideas for a frugal valentines day! I have memories of other years where we enjoyed dining in bermuda for valentines day. But I think it is the simple things that make the biggest impact.

Anonymous said...

These are perfect ideas for a frugal and romantic Valentine's Day with your sweetie!