Sunday, February 2, 2014

Video Camera Inspection Can Save your Drain System

How important is to maintain drain system is we all are aware. Any glitches in the drain system performance may create great consequences. Hence, this is very important to hire the professional plumbing services providers available locally in case of any problem. Some of the plumping services like the thousand oaks plumbers do conduct the video camera inspections. Apart from the repair, the maintenance is also very important. Hence, keeping check on the drain system is very essential. Generally the time span of the drain system is 8-10 years however, the scale and other types of water clogging many create sewer back-ups and water overflows. 
Some precautions and tips that can keep drain systems work properly:
  1. Avoid getting the grease entered in the drains. In case if you are required to pour grease in the drain with any reason make sure that you pour some cold water and then spill the grease in the drain holes.
  1. Make sure the disposable sanitary, papers, etc are not flushed in the drain.
  1. There are septic-safe disposable toilet papers and issue papers are available in the market. They may cost but higher but will be good will a better option. There are many brands producing such septic-safe papers these days.
  1. Before disposing any garbage, ensure that you run cold water down the drain to stop any clogging.  
  1. There are some biological drainage cleaner products available in the market. You can use then once in a month to clean the drainage system. It will save your time, energy and money of depending and calling on the plumbers again and again.
In case if you are facing the chronicle drainage related problem like slow drains, over-flow, etc calling for a professional and expert plumbing service proper is the best option. They will conduct some inspections and check out the root cause of the draining system issues. Such check-ups are also offered at free of cost by some of the contractors. Just call them and they will do some of the following inspections done:
  • Checking the Plumbing Fixtures
  • Plumbing system visible at the basement
  • Valves, joints of drain pipes and pipe lines if there are any signs of clogging
  • Any issues related to water system or type of water that you use.
Some of the plumbers will offer the video inspection facility. This inspection will involve using a small video camera which will be dropped in the drainage pipe to check the condition of the pipes inside. This may cost you bit but it will also save digging at your place for inspection.

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