Thursday, December 30, 2010

Being Frugal Enables me to get Those "Extra Special" Things for my Children

This month there were several great Hallmark coupons floating around.  There were a couple printable ones as well as $5/$5 coupons is select magazines.   I was fortunate enough to get a couple of each.

I love getting my children the things they ask for.  However, I can't always justify the price of certain items.  My children aren't lacking for anything.  I'll admit that they are spoiled but they honestly appreciate all that they have.  They also understand that there are some things that they just can't have.  As a parent, that makes me feel really good.

Over summer vacation the kids had noticed some awesome 3D bookmarks in several different gift shops.  The price of each bookmark was $5 and up.  OUCH!  

With the recent Hallmark coupons I was able to get my kiddos something they have been wanting for months.  The kids were with my on my most recent trip to the mall to do a little Holiday shopping.  I gave them each a $5/$5 purchase coupon so that they each could choose a 3D bookmark.

They were thrilled!  With so many wonderful bookmarks available, it took them nearly 15 minutes to pick their favorites.

Bookmarks: $5 each - we paid 30 cents each (x2)
Stickers: $2 - we paid 12 cents
Water Beads: 3 for $10 - we paid 60 cents (x2)

In the end, we got all of the following items for less than $2.  We just had to pay the tax.  Without the coupons, these would have cost us just over $32!  Savings like this is what allows me to do those extra things for my wonderful family!


J Rodney said...

That's awesome Bridget! I do the same thing with my kids. Especially my eight-year-old, I am really trying to teach him how to shop with coupons, and he loves going up and handing over his coupon and a few cents.

I got a Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle for my nephew's second birthday with my $10 Hallmark coupon...prize $3.....could not beat that anywhere...

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is so great...and you are teaching your kids young. They will appreciate all you are able to do for so little when they are older and I'm sure they loved the gifts!

P.S. I got my cat a Christmas stocking ornament with one of those coupons!

Eight31 said...

How cool!!

I love when we can take the simplest things (coupons) and yet give our children the world!

btw I'm a newest follower of yours!