Thursday, December 16, 2010

High Bouncing Savings of $69

I recently received an e-mail from Borders.  It stated that they had applied $5 in Borders Bucks to my rewards card for the holidays and that they could be redeemed online or in the store.  Of course, I was thrilled!  I headed to Borders the very next morning.  My plan was to find some stocking stuffers for the kids!


I also had a 33% off any one item coupon.  I was browsing through the store, looking at everything from books to candy to wind up toys.  Not sure what I was looking for, but knowing that I wanted to get the most for my Borders Bucks reward. 

I noticed a hand-written sign that said:  Glitter Balls 99 cents!  To my surprise, they were the BIG glitter balls!  My children love these and have asked for them on numerous occasions.  I just can't justify spending $10 on a bouncy ball.  But, 99 cents is a price that I'm more than willing to pay!


I ended up buying all that they had left, 7 pretty glitter balls!  4 green, 2 blue and 1 purple. 

I know that I only have two children, and they obviously don't need 7 glitter balls.   But, I can use the others as gifts.  Every kid loves a fun, bouncy glitter ball.  My daughter's birthday is in January, they would also make great party favors.

I couldn't use my 33% off coupon on the clearance items, so I chose a box of yummy, chocolate dipped candy sticks.

In the end, I ended up paying just $4.17 out of pocket. 

I saved a total of $68.99!


Tractor Mom said...

Wow, good shopping!!

April said...

Great job! Little Miss would love that glitter ball - too bad we don't have a borders

J Rodney said...

What a steal Bridget! My boys love bouncy balls....while I'm not a fan....

Heather said...

That is so awesome! My kiddos are still a bit too young for bouncy balls (my little girl will still put them in her mouth). But here's a secret...I LOVE them. I actually have one that I play with from time to time after the kids go to bed. I know that seems super silly. Okay now I'm embarrassed that I shared that!

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