Saturday, December 18, 2010

Odd Ducks from Boon Review

Boon offers a wide range of products that help parents all over the world.  From designer bath toys to feeding supplies to organizational items, Boon is modern, unique and fun.  The thing I noticed first, the bright colors and modern designs.  

I've had the pleasure of testing their cute Odd Ducks, Slim, Bob, Jane and Squish!  We all know that rubber ducks are a childhood favorite, they have been for years and years.  

Odd Ducks are adorable and different from any other rubber duck that I have ever seen.  Each one is different; a different color and a different shape.  Afterall, everyone is shaped differently - no matter who we are!

I also love the fact that Odd Ducks are PVC-Free!

Other than how bright, cute and colorful Odd Ducks are, my favorite thing about them is that they don't fill up with water.  No more worries about stale, slimy and moldy water squirting out of my daughter's tub toys while she's playing with them.

Odd Ducks are just as much fun out of the tub as they are in the tub.  My daughter has taken them on road trips and to the grocery store with us.  They have even spent a few nights with her, tucked next to her in bed.

Boon's Flair pedestal highchairs look like something straight out of the future - smooth edges and bright colors!  Their Bug Pod toy scoops, Bath Goods scrubbies, Scrubble bath squirters, Splat floating ring toss and Flo protective faucet covers are top of the line!

If you aren't familiar with Boon and their amazing line of children's products, I highly recommend that you check them out!  These are items that every child (and parent) wants, trust me!


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J Rodney said...

I love boon's product, and these sound great. I especially like the fact that the water cannot get inside, this is the only reason why I have stayed away from rubber ducks.