Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get it Right - Check Your Grammar!

 The first time I got straight A's on my report card was in fourth grade, and I could not have been more excitedI was always an outstanding student, and my grades reflected that, but it has been a long time since I've been in school and I've forgotten so many things.    

When my son started third grade, I realized just how much I had forgotten over the yearsI was embarrassed the first time he asked for help with his homework, and I had no idea how to figure out the problem.  In fact, my husband and I had to look it up on the internet.  Whether it was a math problem or spelling words, I realized that I did not remember so many things that I once knew. 

Proper grammar and punctuation is crucial!  Whether doing an English assignment for school, sending a letter or writing on a blog - it is critical that proper usage is used to convey the correct message.   When I see signs in store fronts and on billboards with misspelled words, and I just have to laugh!

No matter how much we learn if not used regularly, people are going to forget things along the way.  It is just one of those things that happens.  Grammarly can help make things a little easier! 

Grammarly is an automatic grammar checker that proofreads your documents and corrects issues with grammar, punctuation, style and much more.  Grammarly is used daily by thousands of students, parents, teachers, businessmen and bloggers – people who use English on a daily basis for work and study.

I used Grammarly to help me check this post, and am happy to announce that I only had to correct five errors!  Pretty decent odds for a girl that has been out of school for nineteen years!  

Grammarly was simple to use, and it clearly pointed out my grammar errors and gave detailed instructions on how to fix them.   It shows exactly how many errors were found and gives a score.  My score was 81 out of 100.

With so many grammar and punctuation rules, it is difficult to remember them all.  Grammarly is going to make life in this household easier, especially when it comes to homework!  This outstanding resource will quickly become an indispensable resource in my blogging activities and a valuable addition to the educational endeavors of my children.


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Devon F said...

great to know! I have never heard of this before