Friday, March 16, 2012

Wedding Gifts Galore!

Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

I have four wedding gifts and three baby gifts that I need to have for friends and family by the end of April. I meant to have everything done on time, but here it is March, and I have let everything sneak up on me! Yesterday, I spent hours using my aurora wireless internet connection searching through wedding and baby registries. Anytime I buy I wedding gift, I always try to think about the things that we got that we really have enjoyed. 

One unusual gift that we have really enjoyed is a picnic basic set from one of my good friends. Another thing that we use all the time is a wooden fruit bowl and also our pots and pans. I think that the most unique wedding gift that we got is a ceramic, black statue that looks like it would be in an apartment on the Upper East Side in the 80s. I like it, but it only appeals to a particular taste. I don’t think that I will be getting anyone of my friends anything like that!

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