Sunday, March 4, 2012

March 5th - Follow Us Monday Morning Google Plus Blog Hop

This is a busy week for my kids and family... it all starts off with Zumba, hunters safety, wrestling practice, gymnastics and my son's 11th birthday on Friday!  Birthday dinner Friday night, wrestling tournament on Saturday and birthday party on Sunday.  Phew, I'm already tired and the week hasn't even started yet.

Welcome to another edition of The Follow Us Monday Morning Google Plus Blog Hop.  Google Plus takes social networking to a new level, it's also the newest way to promote your blog.  

The Follow Us Monday Morning Google Plus Blog Hop is co-hosted by JR from Frugality is Free.

Google Plus is the new social network, which is rapidly expanding on the social networking scene, and it is a great way for bloggers to promote their blog posts.  

You can use Google Plus to organize your online contacts into separate groups such as blogging, friends, family, work etc., which means you can choose who you want to share what with. You can upload photos and videos, have video chat meetings and just chat with your friends! Sign up and read more about Google Plus here.

As with all social networks, the more Google Plus friends you have, the more you will get out it, and the more traffic you will get to your blog.

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The Follow Us Monday Morning Google Plus Hop will not have a featured blogger, and you are not required to do anything to participate other than adding other participants with whom you have common interests to your Google Plus circles. (Let them know that you came from the Follow Us Monday Morning Google Plus Hop, so that they can follow you back.)

If you want to co host the Google Plus Hop grab the the InLinkz code and add it to a blog post. You can grab the button below for your post, if you'd like.

 Do you have any fun plans this week?

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