Monday, April 22, 2013

Call Me Frugal... But Don't Call Me Cheap!

This is for all of us Frugal Shoppers...

Call me FRUGAL
  careful, conserving, discreet, meticulous, economically sound, penny-wise, preserving, provident, prudent, smart, super shopper, saver, skimper, sparing, thrifty, not wasteful, content, moderate, restrained, the master of the deal, temperate, sustaining, or bargain minded.  

But, please don't call me CHEAP! 

I saw this at The Grocery Outlet on a reusable tote bag.  As a frugal, thrifty shopper - I thought it was perfect!


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BeachGranny47 said...

I agree. I have the bag still, repaired with Gorilla and duct tape. Sadly, it can no longer be repaired. I've enjoyed the phrasing and fanciful type fonts so much I may have to rescue the side panels to display as my motto!