Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earning Money Online: How it Works for Me!

My kids are 12 and 9. I've always been a stay at home mom and have zero regrets. My husband and I sat down and discussed all the options, this was the only way to go for us. Figuring out my salary for working, gas to and from work and other work related expenses... almost my entire paycheck would go to someone else to take care of my children. It just wasn't worth it!

There are several websites where I earn cash, gift cards and freebies. All of which make things stretch further for my family and really make a difference. I use many of my wins and freebies for gift giving. They make the perfect gifts and that's zero money out of my pocket for presents! I also cash in for gift cards that enable me to take the kids to the movies and do extra things for fun. Also free for us!

I use coupons as often as I can and combine them with sales and clearance. Last September, the small bags of Goldfish crackers were on sale at Albertson's for $1 and I had (74) $1/1 Goldfish cracker coupons. I got 74 bags for $4.44 - I just had to pay the tax. Right now, we have 4 bags left! LOL!

I buy all my kids clothes on clearance and off season. I got winter coats a couple months ago for next year and paid just $10 each. They were normally $90 - $120 each.

I sell lots of clothes, toys, etc. that the kids no longer use, need or can wear on Craigslist and Shop N' Swap. No shipping fees to take away from your profit like selling on Ebay.

Here are my favorite websites (all of them are free, easy and really DO pay):

Social Spark:  By posting sponsored posts you can earn money!  You get to choose which opps you take, so you can keep them relevant to your blog!

Swag Bucks: In the past year I've earned $335 in Amazon.com gift cards. There are several other prize and gift card options available to choose from, I just choose Amazon. I save my gift codes and then cash them out for Christmas gift shopping for the kiddos!

CrowdTapEarn cash and get freebies!

Smiley360: Get great freebies and free products to test at home!

MyPoints:  I cash out for gift cards every few months.  Last month I cashed out for a $10 gift card and a $25 gift card!

Listia:  It's like Ebay but you use points instead of cash to bid on items. You earn points to spend by logging in, bidding, etc...  It's a great way to stock up on gifts and free product coupons!

SocialMoms: They have different posting opps. If you are one of the qualified participants you get great gift cards and/or PayPal payments. 

Escalate Network: I get to share great deals and freebies that are PERFECT for my followers, friends and family!

Trust me, you CAN earn money online and make it work!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list!

Liz Mays said...

I use a few of those, but not all. I need to step it up!

Unknown said...

I've used Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets before. I remember I used to be a member of Question Moms but it's been awhile since I've heard from them, I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the reminder!

Tesa @ 2 Wired 2 Tired

MommaDJane said...

I've heard of a few of these before but not all. Thanks for sharing the list.

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Oh, there are some I haven't used! Great list!

Andrea Kruse said...

Great list. I am with several of them, but places like Social Moms have really dropped off. Will look into the rest.

J Rodney said...

Awesome list! I am completely with you on this one, it is amazing how much you can earn online as a stay at home mom.

Cori said...

awesome list! thanks for sharing!

Kerri said...

Great list!