Monday, September 22, 2014

LOVE is Bigger Than HATE ~ Stand Up Against Bullying!

Did you hear about the horrific ALS Ice Bucket Challenge prank that was played on a 14 year old autistic boy in Bay Village?  As a mother and a teacher, I must say that I was disgusted by the actions of the other children involved and immediately turned my thoughts towards the parents.  What did these parents NOT teach their children and allow them to get away with?

When GiveForward heard the details, they were outraged and new they had to do something positive to help this young boy.  They wanted this boy to know that love is bigger than hate and that people were going to stand up for him and help put a stop to bullying!

When people don't stand around being bystanders, magic can happen. We saw it when a bomb exploded at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and this nation made a collective decision that they were going to do something about it.

GiveForward wants this magic to happen for the 14 year old boy that was subject to terrible bullying and a disgusting prank. We need to teach people, especially our children, that there is a place to turn when we see tragedy or injustice in the world!  One small step can truly make a difference and change the world!

Typically, when we see a tragedy or injustice on the news, we say "what a shame" and then we simply flip the channel and proceed to do NOTHING about it, as we expect someone else will step up and help.

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The change begins with you... believe that LOVE is bigger than HATE!

Let's rally behind the 14-year-old boy from the ALS Ice Bucket challenge prank in Bay Village to let him know that he is awesome. Words of encouragement, love, and support are just as valuable as donations.  #Love>Hate

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LOVE is bigger than HATE!