Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nutrisystem “Get Back in the Picture” ~ Get Back Into the Family Photo!

Do you dread the words “family photo”? Do you catch yourself grabbing the camera to take the photo instead of wanting to be in it? 

Trust me.  I've been there!  I began using Nutrisystem in July 2012 and in just 7 months, I lost 56.5 pounds and 41 1/2 inches!  Now, I don't shy away from the camera and it feels great!


This holiday season, Nutrisystem doesn’t want you to miss out on the family holiday photo this year! No matter your reason for standing behind the camera, we they are here to help you regain the confidence you need to get back in the photo.

That's right! Nutrisystem is running the “Get Back in the Picture” beginning on September 15th through September 25th. Head over to their Facebook page to share why you want to get back into the picture!

At the end of the contest, Five Finalists will be selected and each will win 3 months of the Nutrisystem MyWay Select Favorites Program as well as a photographer, hair and make up artist to take your family photos before the holiday. On top of that, one of the finalists will win the Grand Prize, an all expense trip for the family!

As a former Nutrisystem #NSNation blogger, I was asked to share this great contest with my readers.  No compensation was received.

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