Friday, January 28, 2011

Expand Your Travel Budget

Vacationing is the one time of year where you simply don’t want to be frugal, but you may have to as money should not prevent you from going and relieving stress.

Planning a vacation can be one of the more stressful things that you have to deal with and the simpler it can be the better.

The stress that you feel can be alleviated by using a travel agent, and they can usually get some of the best deals, but you may be able to save some money if you are interested in saving money. Online sites offer special deals that you sometimes simply cannot find with a travel agent, but when you do, you will feel great about the purchase as it may prevent the use of a cash advance.  You can save money because these sites can find the best rates that are offered that are simply not often advertised to the mainstream consumer.
Priceline and Orbitz have last-minute deals and sales if you are flexible with your dates and can deal with a limited selection of airlines or hotels. This will allow you to save the money you need for discretionary spending while you are out and about. 
The extra money can go a long way especially if you are going on a cruise or somewhere where extra money can make a big difference on the quality of the vacation, you can get souvenirs or simply spend more money on various tourist destinations so that you can learn the history of the area or just use the extra money for entertainment. 
 You could catch a show or even see a foreign film while you are there, which can be a much different experience than a movie in your home country. Catch a train and go explore, there are so many things you could do with any extra money you save through deal-hunting.


Sophie said...

Perfect timing! Spring break is right around the corner!

Jamie said...

Great post! We're going to Germany next summer and I've never even been out of the country let alone on a plane before!

Coupon Queen said...

Stopping by and following on the Saturday blog hop. I wrote something similar this morning about my own hotel search, funny, must be that we are all getting a little stir crazy and longing to get out and explore a little. :)

Denise G said...

Oh you have put the travel bug in me again lol... stopping by and following GFC saturday blog hop

dtbrents said...

I'm going to Ireland in two weeks. We paid half price for a lot of things because it's off season. We will be taking a train trip around the coast of Ireland. We won't miss much doing that. Doylene