Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fantastic Frugal Fridays 1/21 - Come Share Your Frugal Posts and Frugal Tips


Are you ready to take a chance?  I would like to welcome you to the Fantastic Frugal Fridays blog party.

The Fantastic Frugal Fridays blog party is hosted by JR from Frugality Is Free and me (Bridget) here at Being Frugal and Making it Work, and we are both very excited to invite all of you to share your frugal adventures with us.

It is always great to know a little about the hostesses at any party, so here is a bit about us.

JR and I are two frugal stay-at-home moms, and we both manage our household budgets with a very frugal hand. Being frugal moms does not mean that our families live without though, as we spoil our kids and sometimes our husbands rotten on Christmas and birthdays.

We both earn our own spending money by writing about our frugal lifestyles, and through various online earning sites. Every year we also treat our families to a frugal vacation on us....and our frugal budgets. JR's favorite place to take her three wonderful sons and husband is the Florida Keys, while I take my two kids and husband to the Oregon coast.

JR lives in urban South Florida, and I live in rural North Idaho, but frugality has brought us together, and I hope that the Fantastic Frugal Fridays will be a place, where you too will meet and connect with other frugal-minded friends.



Each week we will feature a Frugal Expert, this week's Frugal Expert is:



Chanceability is written by Kathleen, a wife and mother of four beautiful children, two boys and two girls.  Kathleen is currently a work-at-home mom providing Virtual Customer Service while  providing childcare, so her days are busy and hectic.  Still, she loves taking time to test products and write reviews.

CONGRATULATIONS to Chanceability for being our Frugal Expert of the Week! You have won a one week free ad space at both Being Frugal and Making it Work and Frugality Is Free.


April said...

Thanks for the link-up! (April from Gather)

April said...

And here is my blog link in case you aren't following me yet!

Frugally Green Mom

Sophie said...

Don't have a frugal post this week, but checking out some of the others!