Sunday, January 2, 2011

Follow Us Monday Morning 1/3 - Promote Your Blog, Meet New Friends and Win FREE Ad Space


Welcome to Follow Us Monday Morning - the Monday blog hop and Google friend follow here at Being Frugal and Making it Work and Frugality Is Free. This is the place where we casually meet and greet, have a little conversation and expand our blogging networks.

I am honored to have been chosen to represent the 'Us' in Follow Us Monday Morning!  My co-host,  JR from Frugality Is Free are looking forward to meeting new friends.  I know that we have so much to share and so much to learn from one another.

Each week we will feature a blog as Hot Blog of the Week, and we will post a question to get the conversation started. The Hot Blog of the Week will get the first place in the linky, and the featured blogger will win a free ad space here at Frugality Is Free for a week.

The Hot Blog of The Week is:


Put Your Mouse-Over Text Between These Quotes

Racing and Saving Mama is written by Kristina, a stay-at-home mother of two, who loves to save money. Kristina is also dedicated to staying fit, and she started Racing and Saving Mama partly to keep herself accountable when it came to exercise.

At Racing and Saving Mama you can find savings tips, exercise updates and more.

Congratulations Racing and Saving Mama

You have won a feature, a free ad space for a week at Frugality Is Free and Being Frugal and Making It Work plus you will the third spot in the linky.

Please visit Racing and Saving Mama to learn more about Kristina and show her our support from the participants at Follow Us Monday Morning.



Unknown said...

thanks for the hop!

Lisa C. said...

Already a follower.. Thanks for the Hop.. (=

Vanessa said...

My New Year's Resolution is to track my savings this year! I'm excited to see how much I can save with sales, coupons, and rebates!

Bethany Cousins said...

Hi! Following from Mommy Rantings! No *real* resolutions yet! LOL

Bethany Cousins said...

ALSO...I blogged about the blog hop on Mommy Rantings, Twitted about it @QueenBMomma and posted my button in the right hand side bar...count my entry!!! Hugs!

Jenn said...

Hi! Thanks for joining us for Mommy Madness last week! Sorry just getting around to following back. We had a little bit of a busy weekend. Looking forward to checking out your blog.

Have a great week!

Beth Adams said...

I made a New Year's resolution years ago to never make another, ever! Even posted my views on resolutions. You can read about it here if you'd like.
Thanks for the hop!

Kim said...

I don't like to call them resolutions but I have goals I would like to do in 2011 but way too many to list

Grace Matthews said...

Well I always make resolutions, but I never stick to them. I am hoping to lose weight and get organized in 2011.

Sugarbeat said...

Happy Follow Monday! I'm your newest follower. Drop by and return the follow? I can be found at Sugarbeat's Books