Monday, October 25, 2010

$10 off ANY Order at The Popcorn Factory!

Right now, you can use the promotional code TRYME and save $10 at The Popcorn Factory.  The possibilities are endless, think of gift giving!   I love the fact that they have a wide variety of choices, flavors and prices to fit any budget.  Some of their flavors:  cheddar, butter, caramel, jalapeno, smores and MORE!

I just ordered some White Cheddar Popcorn, and all I had to pay was shipping costs!

Promotion Code: TRYME

Order Total: $9.99

Shipping:  $5.99

Coupon Discount:  -$9.99

Order Total: $5.99


Nancy said...

Thanks for following me, I am also following you.

Sophie said...

Definitely going to use this because we purchase hundreds of dollars worth from them come the Holidays, for employees and other service men we use.