Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Swagbucks for Free Christmas Shopping!

Just moments ago, I cashed out for my 52 nd, $5 e-gift card from Swagbucks!  That adds up to $260 for FREE!!   There is absolutely NO CATCH, I promise!

WHOO HOO!!  I earn $15 - $20 each month and it really adds up.  Just by searching the web like I normally do each day!  Once I redeem my Swagbucks for a prize, it takes about a week for it to arrive.  I'm always impressed with how quickly they send our prizes.

I've been "banking" and saving them for "FREE" Christmas shopping!  Just last week, I was able to redeem some of my savings for a FREE Metal Detector For Christmas!  This is the one and only thing my son is asking for.  I was able to get it for no money out of my pocket!  He's going to be one excited boy on Christmas morning.

There are LOTS of other great prizes to choose from as well!  So, you aren't limited to just the e-gift cards.  Prizes also include: books, magazines, apparel, video games, electronics, music and so much more!

COME ON... JOIN ME on Swagbucks!  I guarantee you will love the freebies! You have nothing to lose!  And absolutely everything to gain!

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a free rewards site.  You earn Swagbucks that can be redeemed for great prizes, simply by doing what you do on a regular basis.  Browsing and searching the web.  Just by logging in, doing the daily poll, looking at the trusted surveys and going through the NOSO each day, there is a guaranteed 4 Swagbucks!  When you search the web, you can earn anywhere from 1 to 100 Swagbucks in a single search.  Free and easy!


Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

I will be checking this out later when the kiddos go to bed! It sounds great! And I'm following you back!

Social Media Junkie said...

Following back from FMBT. sorry so late I couldn't see anyone's GFC boxes..
Have a great week

Crystal said...

WHAT??!! I've been burned my "no strings attached" before. But it looks like "everybody's doing it". Can I get more info- I'm all about free, but a little nervous from past experience.


Nicki Woo said...

I've been wondering what swagbucks are. Thanks! Sounds good, I'm going to check it out. I'm following you!

SalemMomma said...

I love Swagbucks! I'm not very constant about it though. Thanks for following me, I'm returning the favor!

Katie Adams said...

Thank you for following me via the Wobble Wednesday hop. I am now returning the follow. I just got introduced to swagbucks & it is super easy! Just wish I could hit some of those megabucks on Friday!


Lisa C. said...

We absolutely love Swagbucks.. hehehe Thanks for the follow.. we're following back, and look forward to stalking.. I mean hearing some more,,,

Emy said...

Isn't Swagbucks great! I've been subscribed for 3 weeks now and today I just my second $5 amazon gift card.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm now following you.