Friday, October 1, 2010

I Won a New Shirt from 'Frugality Is Free' and Alight

WHOO HOO! I won a recent giveaway at 'Frugality Is Free!'  Alight was giving away one top of their choosing to one of 'Frugality Is Free's' readers as part of the Mom's Wish List review and giveaway series.

I'm so excited! I've been losing weight and I'd love a new shirt to show off my new figure! This couldn't have came at a more perfect time! I'll be getting weighed and measured on the 7th and I'm actually looking forward to it this time! :)

If you haven't already checked the 'Frugality Is Free' blog, I highly recommend it! Lots of great giveaways and the blog is simply amazing!  A BIG thank you to J Frugal Mom for hosting this great giveaway! I'm thrilled and can't wait for my new shirt to arrive in the mail. 

It's the things like this that make it possible for me to stretch my resources and money just a little bit farther each month for my wonderful family!

Have you won anything recently?

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J Rodney said...

Congratulations again Bridget, I hope they send you a fabulous top, because you deserve it!

I recently won a $50 gift card to Shoemall, and I spoiled myself on a pair of new walking shoes and a pair of new running shoe. Both were very much needed, as my walking sandals had been giving me cuts as I walk so much in the humidity every day. You know me though, I would never have been able to spend so much on shoes for myself, if I had to take it out of the household budget.

I really appreciate all of your support at Frugality Is Free, it is for people like you that I continuously try to get great giveaways, and I just love it, every time that I get to pick a winner.