Thursday, August 23, 2012

It Works! Ultimate Body Wrap - Tighten, Firm & Tone!

Whenever I hear promises of weight loss products claiming to help you quickly and easily lose weight, I'm always skeptical.  If it were really as simple as taking a pill everyday, we all would be skinny with perfect hair and dark tans - just like the people in all the ads and commercials.  Right?  The same thoughts crossed my mind when I first heard about It Works! body wraps,  beauty and wellness products.

As the months have passed, I keep hearing more and more people raving about the effects and results of using the It Works! products - especially their ultimate body applicator (AKA body wrap).  With all the hype, I simply had to try their product for myself.

I immediately knew that I wanted to try the It Works! Body Wrap.  I only had one dilemma... stomach or thighs, which trouble area was I going to wrap in hopes of getting amazing results?  Being a mother of two wonderful children, and two c-sections, I decided that my stomach was in need of the most attention.

The It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator: 

This body-slimming applicator is infused with an all-natural botanical formula that is absorbed through the skin. It is designed to tighten, firm, and tone our skin. Also works as an anti-inflammatory and improves cellulite, stretch marks, and over-all skin appearance. 

The applicator is worn for a minimum of 45 minutes and actually continues to process for 72 hours after it is removed. Everybody’s skin processes differently. Some medications store in your cells for a long time and it may take longer to process. 

This is a healthy cleanse for your body. You are actually feeding your body something healthy, and that's a great thing!

I'll admit that I wasn't sure what to expect as I took my before measurements and applied the wrap to my stomach.  Almost immediately I felt this warm, tingly sensation under the wrapped area - very weird!  Did that mean it was working?

45 minutes after the initial wrap, I had already lost 2 inches.  Wow, It Works!  I couldn't wait to see what my 72 hour results were going to be... an additional inch, for a total loss of 3 inches.  I could get used to this!

I'd love to wrap my stomach a few more times to maximize my results.   I'd also love to wrap my inner thighs in hopes of them no longer rubbing together.  I'd still be ME just with a tighter, firmer and more toned tummy! Something that I have been dreaming of for years.

Whether you decide to become a one-time customer, loyal customer or a distributor - you're going to be amazed with the results!   Did you know that businesses (gyms, tanning salons, hair salons, nail salons, etc.) can be distributors as well? 

As a loyal customer you receive:

Exclusive Prices: Save 20-50% off all your orders
Automated Monthly Shipments: Never run out of your favorite products
Easy Customization:Mix and match to create a package with all the products you want 
 Loyal Customer Pricing for Life: After 3 consecutive months on the auto-ship service

It Works! - It REALLY Works!

 Disclaimer: I received a complimentary It Works! body wrap from Mitzi, an independent It Works! distributor for the purpose of writing a review.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or believe will be a good fit for my readers.  The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own.  Results may vary. No monetary compensation was received


freddie said...

Wow that's amazing. I don't know if it would work for me or not, but I'm sure glad it worked for you. Someday I might try it.

Tricia Night owl mama said...

I tried one of these and I tell you after 24 hours I too was amazed. I found a rep at a family party and I'm taking to her about getting some more. I think 4 more and I'll be flat as a board. :) okay not that flat but maybe close

lil_lady_dz said...

I have been skeptical about these wraps for a while now, but wow I can see a huge difference in the pictures. Great review, you made me a beliver!