Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oasap Women's Fashions: Apply to Become a Fashion Blogger!

Since becoming a mother, I rarely purchase new clothes for myself, I'd much rather spend my money on cute clothes for my children.  However, clothing can only last so long and be worn so many times before they become faded and show signs of wear.  Every woman deserves an outfit that they feel fantastic in, right?

Oasap carries an extensive variety of fashionable women's clothing and accessories.   Dresses and blouses, boots and heels, clutches and purses, belts and jewelry... you're going to find several items that you instantly fall in love with!  The only dilemma you're going to face is choosing which item(s) to purchase first!

One item that instantly caught my eye was the striped irregular hemline dress. I've always loved the irregular hemlines, and this dress is perfect for summer, and trips to the beach.  It's also cute enough to wear to any everyday get-together, BBQ or company picnic.

I love that it's soft, comfortable, stylish and it has pockets!  In addition, this casual fashion dress comes in a variety of colors.  Perfect for wearing over your swimsuit for a trip to the beach!  It can even double as a fashion top, perfect for wearing with shorts or leggins!

Every woman deserves an outfit (or ten) that they feel fantastic in, right?

I found this lovely Oasap women’s high street fashion store and would like to invite you to join it's Fashion Hunter Program where you can get freebies in exchange for a post on your blog!


The Rebel Chick said...

What a cute little dress!

Anonymous said...

Cute dress for her!

Carrie with Children said...

It's a super cute outfit... and you're right, it's perfect for summertime!

Unknown said...

cute outfit

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Super cute dress! Great program!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link - it would be great to be part of this program!