Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Tips to Make Life on the Go Easier

As a busy stay-at-home-mom of two young children and a wife it seems as though I never have enough time during the day to get everything done.  

1.  Be Prepared!  You never know what life is going to throw your way.  If you are prepared and ready for those surprise occasions and situations that always happen at the last minute you will be able to deal with them smoothly and easily.

2.  Plan Ahead!  If you know you'll be going into town on a certain day of the week, plan all your errands for the same day.  This will save time, money and gas.  No back and forth trips into town on a daily basis.

3.  Make a List!  If you make a list of things you need to get done and those things that you'd like to get done you can easily keep track.  Mark off each item as it's accomplished and add new tasks as you think of them.  By making a list things won't get forgotten and you can physically see how much you have gotten done and the changes you have made.

4.  Don't Stress!  Seriously!  If something needs done and you don't get to it, don't worry.  Stress and worry only cause more troubles and frustrations.  Simply take a deep breath and start over.  The task you forgot can be done at a later time, it's not going anywhere.

5.  Stock Up!  You can never have too many bottled waters, juice boxes or snacks especially when you have children in the house.  As we are headed out the door I can have the kids grab a drink and a snack without wasting much time.  In addition, I keep a lunch box in both of our vehicles that are filled with drinks and snacks.

6.  Get Help!  My children have a list of chores that they are expected to do during the week.  They are simple things such as picking up their toys, feeding and watering the dogs, setting the table and sorting socks.  No matter how little, the help makes a big difference.

7.  Be Early!  When I know we will be going to the water park or on another outing I will pack what I can the day before.  I can pack our snacks, towels, sunscreen and other items into our bag and set them by the front door.  That way when we are ready to go we can simply grab the bag and head on our way.

8.  Use Your Calendar!  I have a BIG magnetic dry erase calendar on my fridge and I change it every month.  I write down appointments, activities, birthdays, holidays, etc...  I look at it every morning as I open the fridge and this helps ensure that I don't miss an important activity or date.

9.  Shop in Bulk!  Things like toilet paper, paper towels, soap, shampoo and other items that won't spoil quickly.  There is nothing worse than running out of something at the worst possible moment.  Shopping in bulk not only saves you time but it also saves you money.

10.  Freezer Meals!  When you make a casserole, lasagna or stew it pays to make two instead of one.  Make two, cook both of them and then put the extra one in the freezer.  Then on those nights where errands, work or sports run into over-time you can quickly and easily pop a freezer meal into the oven and have a home cooked meal in less than an hour.

Be sure to take things one step at a time.  When you get in a hurry that's when things are going to get forgotten.  Stop and smell the roses if you need to and take a little me time.  Life can get busy but we have to remember to have fun in the process too.  

One of my favorite little pick-me-ups is to enjoy a nice Iced Latte to perk up my day!  Seattle's Best has a new line of iced lattes that are perfect for on the go.  Anytime, Anywhere they always hit the spot!

How do you make your life easier?

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wonderful tips....I've been trying harder to plan ahead and keep a calander.