Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY: Frugal Pirate Costume

There was a Field Day during the last week of school, the theme was Pirates! The kids were going to be doing 10 different Pirate themed activities. Of course, coming dressed as a pirate was welcomed and encouraged!

I didn't want to spend the money on a traditional pirate costume, so I used my creativity and came up with a very frugal pirate costume!


I found a long sleeve button up shirt at Target on clearance that actually had skulls and swords on it that was absolutely perfect! It was 75% off and I got it for $2.49! 

I bought an eye patch that came with an earring for $1.25. 

I also got a hat for $2.50 and a hook for $1. 

He already had a pair of pants with holes in both knees - Free!

I cut the bottom of the shirt off as well as the sleeves, making it actually fit him as it was a size 16. I cut jagged edges along the bottom. I also cut the jeans off right above the knee and did jagged edges on those as well!

Total price of the outfit and accessories: $7.24

His Pirate Cuteness: Priceless!



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Anonymous said...

What a great pirate costume!