Thursday, July 21, 2011

North American Big Rig Racing: What A Hoot!

What could be more entertaining that watching semi trucks race around a 1/4 mile oval track and burn rubber? The North American Big Rigs were at the Stateline International Speedway tonight and so were we. 

We frequent the speedway during the summer, watching the car races is quite entertaining and a great way to spend the evening. This was a special race night, only the second time that the American Big Rigs have raced at this track and in our area.  We went last July too for their debut at Stateline Speedway and just had to return again!

What an entertaining and exciting night of fun! We went with friends and family, my parents made a special trip up just to experience this with us this year after hearing so much about last year's show!  The stands were packed, the energy was high and the race was absolutely amazing. Who knew that semi trucks could race and burn out?!


BIG RIGS, Start Your Engines!!!

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