Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frugal Summer Fun: Reading in the Park

Reading is very important in this house.  I still remember my parents, especially my dad, reading stories to us when we were kids. It was something my siblings and I looked forward to each night and something we will always cherish. I always wanted my dad to read "Inside Outside Upside Down," and no matter how many times I asked him, he would always read it to me.

I started reading to my kids before they were even born. I would sit in my glider rocker and read to my tummy atleast once a day throughout both my pregnancies. Many people thought I was crazy while others thought it was wonderful.

Both of my children love to read and to be read to. My husband and I both think that reading is so important to our children and we encourage it on a daily basis. We read with our children every single day and now both of our children read stories to us each day as well!


With school being out and normal schedules and routines being a little more flexible, it's still important to keep the love of reading going strong on a daily basis.  That's one of the reasons why we participate in our local library program: Summer Reading in the Park. 

Each Thursday is a different guest speaker, story, games and activity for the children.  My 10 year old son really isn't as excited about this activity as my 7 year old daughter is but we still go and enjoy ourselves.  My daughter's favorite was when Ronald made his visit.  He shared stories about places he's been and things he's seen.  He also performed numerous magic tricks.

Story Time in the Park with Ronald:

Does your library offer a summer reading program?

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What a fun summer reading program.