Saturday, July 9, 2011

Frugal Summer Staycation: Camping

Camping is one of our favorite summer activities!  The beautiful scenery and peaceful surroundings are like no other.  The only noises you hear are the laughter of the children, the breeze through the trees, chirping birds and the sound of the bubbly creek.

Nature hikes, campfires, bug catching and roasting marshmallows are a few of our favorite camping activities!  Of course, the kids enjoy chopping wood for the fire and shooting their guns. 

Hubby and I enjoy just being able to sit back and relax.  No worries, no company, nothing that has to be done at any certain time of the day.

We never watch the clock or know what time it is.  We eat when we are hungry.  Go to bed when we get tired, usually way after dark!

We ALWAYS have blast when we go camping.  We just wish we had the opportunity to go more often!

Our camper might not be new and it might not be pretty, but it works perfectly for us!

The creek was directly behind our camper.  I love laying in bed and night and listening to the sound of the running water.  So soothing.

This is our view from our camper and from our campfire site.  It doesn't get much better than this!

Do you like camping?


J Rodney said...

You know I love to have the beach close by, but still your summer staycation sure looks fantastic, and I would love to do the same.

It looks absolutely beautiful, and what a fabulous view to wake up to.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful camping spot. Scenic, peaceful and relaxing! I can't wait for camping season.