Friday, July 8, 2011

Fotobounce: Share and Store Your Photos

 As a mother I can honestly say that I have taken thousands of pictures of my children over the years.  No matter where we are, what we are doing or who we are with I have a camera with me.  I don't want to miss any photo opportunities that may arise.  I want to document every special moment in the lives of my children.

I love sharing photographs of my children with family and friends.  I have pictures on my digital camera, cell phone and computer.  I have them uploaded on Facebook and other online websites as well.  I've never been one that was scared to share my photos with the world.  However, there are some photos that can't be shared with everyone but I still want to save them. 

Fotobounce is a safe, private, simple and free way to share, store and organize your photos.  You are in control of who can see your photos and who can't!  Those who can access your photos are your "bouncers."  Fotobounce allows users to invite Bouncers by importing contacts from both Gmail and Yahoo. Users can also organize Bouncers into groups.

As an added safety feature, Fotobounce utilizes advanced face detection and recognition technology to automatically detect faces.  Users can also share photos on Facebook and Flickr with ease.  The entire process is effortless.

You can easily download Fotobounce for yourself! 

About Fotobounce:

Fotobounce offers a solution to parents looking for practical ways to manage their digital photo albums in a timely manner given their hectic schedules, as well as giving them the opportunity to share these photos with a private network of friends and family. This private network gives parents, who are concerned about putting photos onto public sites, a great alternative to protect their valuable family photo archive and their children’s images. 
Fotobounce is a digital photo management application that allows users to manage, store and share full resolution digital photographs securely between a private network of friends and family, referred to as “Bouncers”. This private network protects users from the increasing privacy concerns and uncertainty that comes with relying on internet storage services or social networking sites.

One of Fotobounce’s key features is its face recognition technology that automatically detects faces when photos are found or imported. As faces are detected by Fotobounce and tagged by the user, this “trains” Fotobounce to learn who people are and helps automate the tagging process. Note that all of the face recognition data remains local to your computer, unlike the features offered by major social networking sites where they store and use your face data on their public servers.

How do you backup your priceless photos?

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